Top 10 Free Proxy Sites


Today, you can use Proxies to access blocked sites, access internet from restricted areas and more. Simply put, a good Proxy service will allow you to secure your hosting network and can even access a network that you may not be physically connected to.

How you work your way around a proxy can also be very different. This means, that you if you fall under the category of a student or a outreach worker like me, your proxy will differ from that of a downloader or someone associated with the government or someone who is a business traveler. Depending on what kind of a person you are or what your profession is, you will need to put in different setting on your proxy service.

What can a proxy do?

So, let’s suppose you are logging in to your internet from a place in the UK to access a site about pianos that is secured. If you use a proxy server located in the States, your ISP and internet connection will display your ISP as that of the one in the United States. And yes, it would help you free up your internet for a great experience.

Here is a look at some of the things that your proxy an do for you, when you’re using it.

Should protect your IP address- each network’s IP address is personal and must be kept secure and not shared. If you are connected to a good proxy, it will do that for you and keep any harmful websites at bay.

Some of the best proxies even come with a wireless remote.

Protects from third party users- a good proxy should filter your activities and protect you from any third party trying to access your computer and files. This move largely helps hackers to stay away. So whether you are in between a music or a movie downloaded over the Internet, you don’t need to worry about being traced back to, via your secure Internet connection, so no need to wear touchscreen gloves to hide your fingerprints.

Location identification- A good proxy will keep your location private at all costs. Whether they are search engines or actual online people such as marketers, a proxy will not allow your whereabouts to be disclosed

Should be user friendly- This holds true for almost everything today, because this is exactly what customers demand.

The Top 10 Free Proxies to Use

So, which are the best proxies that you can use? There are a number of options out there for you, and you need to know which one’s right for you.

There are lots of great web proxy sites out there today. These are the top ten secure web proxy sites online today. The free proxy sites listed below can really help people all around the world prevent instances of identity theft. They can also make it harder and harder for people to track their journey through the Internet, which is very important in an age of doxxing and similar crimes.

People who do lots of different kinds of business online and people who write controversial material online are especially encouraged to use a free proxy site or two on a regular basis. However, all people can benefit from free proxy sites. Free proxy sites are changing the Internet all around the world for the better.

  3. ProxySite
  4. BlewPass
  5. AnonyMouse
  6. kProxy
  7. Dontfilter
  8. HideMyAss
  9. NewIPNow
  10. Proxy


I hope that this is a list that can help people wherever they are searching online, whether they are trying to hide their identity for business reasons or whether they are just trying to improve their Internet security. I welcome all feedback from all of our readers, and we are happy to hear from everyone on how we can improve this list.